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Residential Painting

From the beginning Residential painting has been our number one service. We have painted everything from small apartments up to 4,000 sq homes. No home is too big or too small. At Calistro’s Painting we understand that we aren't just painting a house, but we are paintig your home. We absolutley leave no job unfinished. Let Calistro’s Painting transform your home today!

Commercial Painting

From guard shacks to retail complexes, Calistro’s Paining can paint it all. We will work closely with the owner or the property management company to make sure every aspect of the job is done to the specifications of the client. If you have a building out of town let us handle that too. We have the ability to travel to most parts of California.

Exterior Painting

The first line of defense to the elements is the exterior of the house. Don’t let your house or building get beat by the elements. When we do a exterior project we sand all wood areas and caulk any open joints or cracks. After that we prime and paint the outer surface to make sure your home is sealed and ready to defend the elements.

Interior Painting

Let the walls of your home be full of color. Many people do not realize that a bright, fresh coat of paint on the interior walls can really refresh your home. Step out from behind those plain white walls. With the help of Calistro’s Painting and our interior decorator we can transform your interior into something that inspires you. From multi-color rooms to solid colors, we can do it all.


Have you ever wanted that dream kitchen or bathroom, but never thought you could reach it? With our many years of experience, we can take a vision and turn it into a reality. Many people are under the impression that remodeling is an expensive, time consuming project. Let Calistro’s Construction prove that myth wrong. We can stream line the project and while staying on budget.

Texture Repair

Many older homes have acoustic ceilings, also called popcorn texture. If you have ever wanted to update your ceiling, now is the time. We can remove the acoustic quickly and easily. Then the option is yours to keep the ceiling smooth or add a texture of your choice. Many times when damage is done to the wall, the texture needs to be repaired and matched to the rest of the house. With our many years of experience, let Calistro’s Painting blend that spot in.

Drywall Repair

Many projects we take on have some type of drywall damage. Either from a door knob making a hole or a busted water line that left a whole in the wall. We can fix it in no time and fix it correctly the first time. Calistro's Painting knows that drywall damage has a very wide ranging spectrum. We are confidently equipped to handle any job.

Damage Restoration

When water, fire or any other unexpected disaster damages your property, only one name should come mind: Calistro's. We offer painting and construction services to restore your home back to its original beauty, or even better.

Wallpaper Removal

Many homes and offices have old wallpaper the needs to be removed. Don’t spend countless hours trying to remove it yourself. Save yourself the headache and frustration. Let Calistro’s Painting do your dirty work so you can just sit back and enjoy your new walls.

Stucco Repair

Calistro’s Paiting offers full service stucco repair for your home. We fix many holes left from broken water lines and even more from removed windows. We can blend it in the the original stucco and match the color and texture. The imperfections in the stucco will be gone in no time.

Siding Repair

Got rotted wood from water damage or wood rot? Don’t let that eyesore continue any longer. We will match any siding to the existing siding on your home. Many times wood repair can go unnoticed and more problems will arise if not taken care of in a timely manner. Do the smart thing and don’t let wood root lead to other costly repairs.

Pressure Washing

Time for an outside house cleaning? Many times a home or building just needs a good pressure washing. When washing with a hose doesn’t get the job done, call Calistro's. We can professionally pressure wash your home and remove that old dirt.

Our real estate agency has used Calistro's for the past four years. They have always been very professional, curtious and on time.
Joan Torres - Pasadena, CA

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